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Latest Survey On Workforce Planning: Data Management Holding Back HR Decision Makers in Asia

A review of the latest survey on workforce planning and its key findings. The business arena we interact with today is characterised by uncertainties, rapidly changing customer expectations and increasingly disruptive competitors. Organisations are pushed to prioritise their human assets – making sure that they have the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience in […]

It’s Time To Be Strategic About Your Workforce

Be Strategic About YOUR Workforce and Positively Improve YOUR Business Outcomes Strategic workforce planning is a concept that HR and business leaders alike intuitively know is important but struggle to operationalise. Most organisations are still pre-occupied with managing headcount and budget, yet better opportunities beckon. The Boston Consulting Group found evidence to suggest a rapidly […]

Creating Workforce Insight

Two Reasons for Creating Workforce Insight There were two reasons for creating Workforce Insight: To ensure a sustainable future for myself and my family by using my skills, knowledge and experience to create lasting value for enterprises, and secondly because I am convinced of the inherent value that occurs for employers and employees when their respective […]

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