Creating Workforce Insight

Two Reasons for Creating Workforce Insight

There were two reasons for creating Workforce Insight: To ensure a sustainable future for myself and my family by using my skills, knowledge and experience to create lasting value for enterprises, and secondly because I am convinced of the inherent value that occurs for employers and employees when their respective talents are unleashed.  I’ve been part of some truly great teams and workplaces and found fulfillment, growth and enjoyment through that journey.  I’ve also been on the other side and experienced the lows.  Strategy, planning and analytics to me are all vehicles to shape the future, through taking the right actions at the right time.  Much like strategic workforce planning.

Workforce Insight’s mission is to help clients across Australia realise the true value of their human capital investment and by doing so create a more aligned, productive and successful workforce.

In the last 12 months I’ve used business model innovation, lean start-up methodologies, product development, competitive analysis and strategic workforce planning to create growth pathways for organisations, and then work with them to align their people behind that mission.  The journey always starts with strategy and the business model, examines the ‘fit’ between market and product, and then examines in detail how the workforce can be aligned to achieve these goals.  Some consulting practices start with strategy and use finance, some use IT, some use marketing, at Workforce Insight we see the workforce as being a powerful lever for growth, a lever that most research would indicate is very underutilised globally.

The business of workforce management and increasing organisational capability needs to become ‘science’ then ‘art’ (spoken by a economist/political ‘scientist’).  Doing so can radically change the ability of your organisation to deliver growth, rapidly align with a new strategy or identify and secure game changing critical skills.

Whether it be covering how companies use better strategy, planning and analytics to lower their workforce risk, take advantage of growth programs, change direction, or improve their HR capability, I’ll be bringing insights, helpful advice and commentary on the changing nature of work, both in Australia and aboard.

I hope that visiting and engaging with Workforce Insight creates value for your organisation and how you can be more successful.  If you would like to connect with me please use the website, leave a comment or reach out on LinkedIn David Stroud LinkedIn profileStrategic workforce planning concept


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