Case Study: Capability Development For HR Function

A Major University

Transforming a major universities HR service delivery model to effectively meet their talent requirements.

A major university in Perth undertook a transformation of its HR service delivery model by changing the capabilities of the HR advisor service, in order to better position faculties to meet their talent requirements.

To execute, the university needed to increase the ability of their HR advisors to identify, develop and implement strategic workforce solutions while making better use of workforce data.  Key to this strategy was planning and analytics competencies.

To meet this challenge, Workforce Insight designed a bespoke assessment and development program using strategic workforce planning methodologies.  Over the course of the engagement the HR team identified opportunities to create value by changing their approach to securing critical roles, placing increased emphasis on the importance of succession planning and creating an architecture for a strategic staffing model.

To guide future efforts a new workforce planning process is being developed to allow the university, through its HR advisors, to make quick, appropriate adjustments based on market and business developments to better meet their strategic aspirations.

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