Business Model Review & Development

Do you have a thoroughly understood and documented business model as a basis for your strategic planning?

Identifying, supporting and engaging employees on strategic planning can increase the throughput of executed ideas, improve financial performance and generate lasting cultural change.  This service, ideal for the small to medium size enterprise, can be used at the start of the strategic planning cycle for when you are thinking about launching a new product or service or are concerned that there is misalignment between the purpose of your organisation and your workforce.

Workforce Insight will document your business model as a basis for an effective strategic planning process that will save you time and money by ensuring that everyone is on the same page at the start of the cycle.

Our methodology and approach focuses on the following key areas:

    Understanding and agreeing key business drivers, stakeholders and resources that will impact an effective strategy.
    Developing a robust strategic plan to guide the engagement of employees, based on employees level of interest and an effective balance of available resources.
    Conducting extensive research to inform the business model process across your markets, customers, competitors and organisation.  This may involve developing a report or conducting a survey with your customers.
    An output of this development process is a range of innovations for your business model that you design, test and implement.  Workforce Insight will help you manage this process so that you don’t waste time or money on products and services that do not meet the markets needs and expectations.
    Building processes that harness information from across the organisation to assist with the execution of the business model framework.

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